Electronic equipment for weighing poultry, vehicles for day-old chicks transport

VEIT Electronics is a company with a 25-year tradition, focused on two kinds of products: electronic poultry scales and vehicles for day-old chick transport.
On Eurotier we will be presenting our latest innovation of the day-old chick transport technology that we have developed in cooperation with the Technical University in Brno, 2nd generation ventilation VEIT, and the new member of the BAT poultry scales family, BAT3 poultry scale offering more than weighing, including temperature, humidity and other sensors, transferring all the data instantly to your mobile phone, tablet or a PC.

Poultry scales and vehicles for day-old chicks transport

What we offer

VEIT Electronics is focused on two lines of products: manual and automatic poultry scales and vehicles for poultry transport.
VEIT scales are the most user-friendly scales on today´s market, their well thought functions suit everybody, from small farmers to globally known poultry companies.
Since 25 years is VEIT developing the vehicles for day-old chicks transport, the vehicles with simple and smart technology Eco Transport, low consumption, easy cleaning, which are efficient, durable and safe.

What we are looking for

VEIT Electronics is looking for new business opportunities.


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