Probiotics and Silage inoculants

Chr. Hansen A/S was founded in a rural Danish farming community in already back in 1874. Today, Chr. Hansen Animal health has the largest collection of microbial strains for probiotics and silage inoculants in the world. Through our highly developed, scientificcally proven, and research based probiotics and silage inoculants, we can help producers and farmers boost efficiency and profitability, while meeting all regulatory requirements for safety, stability and efficacy.

Probiotics and Silage Inoculants

What we offer

The goal of the industry is to provide consumers with safe food, while promoting health and welfare, in addition to carefully respecting the environment. However, the margins of the animal production are largely dependent on feed costs. The industry needs effective tools to achieve its goals, while remaining efficient and competitive.

Chr. Hansen provide probiotics that has been shown to support product safety while enhancing animal welfare and performance, providing an economic benefit through improved feed efficiency.


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