Poultry slaughtering equipment

Since 1931 the BAYLE family business has gained great knowledge and understanding of processing all types of poultry. The reputation of its solidly built and reliable equipment extends worldwide. Through continual development and strength of expertise, BAYLE are always refining and developing new solutions that facilitate the poultry processing industry.

Poultry processing equipment: stunner, scalding tank, plucking machine, automatic evisceration,...

What we offer

Certain products that BAYLE have developed have transformed the way the poultry processing industry works. In the 1970’s for example, Jean Pierre BAYLE designed and manufactured the first ‘ready-to-use’ processing line – the revolutionary ‘Compact System’. BAYLE have a complete range of equipment for the chicken processing industry, for plants processing anything from 150 birds per hour up to 8000 birds per hour. Their plucking machines can operate in any plant at any capacity with unbelievable results, even on turkey processing. As the leader in the duck market, BAYLE can supply a complete line up to 5000 ducks per hour, with specific solutions for defeathering, waxing and full auto EV.

What we are looking for

We are expanding our business all around the world with not only industrial sized poultry abattoirs, but small “on-farm” processing units too.


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