Water valves

Apex Valves - New Zealand specialise in the design and manufacture of float valves for water reservoirs, tanks and stock drinking troughs. Apex Valves also manufacture water tank accessories such as the Visi-Ball water level indicator, Isolation Valves and Tank Fittings.

In addition to our ’Agricultural Product Range’ Apex Valves manufactures an extensive range of Polythene compression pipe fittings this patented product range was accepted by New Zealand Agricultural and Horticultural industries, and is now recognised as a market leader. Under the brand Anka owned by Apex we also manufacture Wash-down Hose nozzles, Quick Lock Couplings, Pipe Unions, Hose swivels, Check valves and Foot valves which provides a complete product offering in all markets.

Apex Valves is accredited with internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Certification. We provide 100% backup and support for all products and are committed to being a progressive, responsible manufacturer, producing high quality, innovative products that are internationally recognised.

Apex Valves New Zealand

What we offer

Apex valves New Zealand is an innovative water technology company specialising in rain water harvesting valves, reservoir tank valves and agricultural stock drinking trough valves. We also have a range of polyethylene pipe fittings and wash down hose nozzles. We manufacture the largest offering in our industry and market and pride ourselves on having a premium product that out performs our competitors. Our reputation is paramount and so our customers and end users can expect premium product service and support around the globe.

What we are looking for

We are always on the look out for active distributors who are looking to partner up with an innovative manufacturer to help deliver our product to new regions and markets. We invest heavily into our distributor relationships and hope to work together and enjoy mutual success into the future.


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