Young Animals Nutrition

Since the early 1990's, ARC has specialised in meeting the nutritional challenges of young animals in the most sensitive and most demanding period : their first days of life and their first stressful transitions.
The ARC production facilities, located in Brittany, one of the largest meat producing regions in France and Europe, are entirely committed to developing and manufacturing complete feed for young animals. Our product range is adapted to all types of breeding approach and formulated with Premium Quality raw materials.

ARC, Specialist in Young Animals Nutrition

What we offer

ARC is an independant company entirely dedicated to Young Animals Nutrition.

We offer a complete range of products for a performant management of the first days of life and stressful transitions of piglets and chicks.

What we are looking for

ARC is looking for distributors involved in Young Animal Nutrition

You are in a demanding environment ? ARC is able to meet your customers high quality requirements.

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