Materials and Technology for Swine Artificial Reproduction

Founded in 1990 in Spain, Magapor develops and implements the latest technology in artificial swine insemination.

We provide profitable and eminently practical solutions for all reproduction processes in boar studs and sow farms, with the clear intention of improving our clients' production results.

Our distinction lies in the quality and innovation of our products and services, the diversification of activities and sustainable growth. Innovation and technological development are the cornerstones of all our work.

Our strategy, keenly oriented towards internationalisation with presence in over 45 countries, requires us to continuously monitor the market, offering added value not just through our products but also through a personalised technical service and specific training for our clients.

Technology and materials for swine artificial reproduction

What we offer

Over 25 years of experience in all the products and services that are needed for producing semen doses and inseminating in porcine.

Materials and technology for the collection area, CASA systems for evaluation, extenders, dilluting and packaging equipmens, catheters, chambers for transport and conservation of doses, nutritional components for improving boar semen quality.

What we are looking for

In Eurotier Magapor will promote products and services: High Performance Extenders, semen packaging units with control of reprotoxic substances "Semenbag", and new products as a software for managing boar studs "Gesipor 3.0", or a dilluting machine "Extenderbox".

We look forward to meet our customers involved in the pig production, like boar stud and reproduction farm technicians and staff, and suppliers in Hall 15, booth 17.


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