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Unitron is a privat danish company with more that 30 years of experience in servin both danish and foreihn farmers.
The Unitron vision is to provide its customers with the best possible operating financial results - and it is realized by the provision of high quality products through a comitted and qualified advice.
At Unitron we work with the most important supplier and universities around the world to optimize and be your partner around the world.

UniFeederTM – intelligent piglet feeder

What we offer

We are introducing our intelligent piglet feeder - UniFeeder

Clever and economically correct initialization of pre-starter mix

It is important that the piglets get high quality pre-starter mix – and it is important that they get it as early as possible. The small stomachs are however delicate and pre-starter feeds are expensive – and it is thus essential that the piglets are fed properly – both in terms of what the pig can tolerate and relative to the farmers economy. The normal often manual feeding by hand implies for most large loss of feed in the pen.
The sow provides milk several times a day – and the piglets are therefore naturally accustomed to eat a little – but often. The optimal intake of pre-starter feeds will therefore be to emulate the same feeding pattern which the sow offers. So far, supplying that, has been an almost impossible task to achieve with manual feed application and certainly not within ‘normal’ working hours.
Unitron has developed and patented an automatic feeder – UniFeeder, which can assign the pre-starting mix in a pattern that comes very close to what the sow offers. UniFeeder can be set for the piglet’s age and then it will automatically increase the daily allowance as the pig grows. The feeding is by 10 daily rations distributed over the day with a night-time break. Work smarter – not harder

What we are looking for

We are looking for new and interesting products to support our portfolio of product. Especially for pig and cattle farmers.


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