Manufacturer of ventilation, weather protection, and access solutions for farm buildings.

For over 30 years Galebreaker have been manufacturing access solutions, weather protection systems and ventilation products for agricultural buildings: access solutions for all types of farm buildings, weather screen systems providing ideal housing conditions for healthy productive livestock and variable ventilation side curtains for livestock buildings – all creating the best of outdoors indoors. Based in Herefordshire, UK.

Galebreaker Agri Limited

What we offer

Galebreaker Products are at the forefront in providing natural ventilation, weather protection and access solutions for agricultural buildings. Many years of experience have enabled the company to develop a range of environmental weather screen systems which provide ideal housing conditions for healthy, productive livestock, delivering variable ventilation, weather protection and light for the ideal environment. For over 30 years Galebreaker has been designing and manufacturing ventilation systems in the UK. Products are based on strong, long lasting PVC coated fabrics with in-built UV protection. They have the ability to transmit light, enhance natural ventilation and at the same time protect against the worst weather conditions 365 days a year.

What we are looking for

Professional companies offering all types of material doors, screens and side curtains to the agricultural market both for new builds and refits. To work as our partners selling and promoting Galebreaker products.


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