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Quat-Chem Ltd, is a UK-based chemical manufacturer specialising in Industrial Biocidal chemicals and Preventive Hygiene Technologies. Quat-Chem's portfolio of innovative formulated hygiene products are market-driven and designed to meet industrial microbial control challenges in a number of industries where hygiene is of critical importance. These industries include Dairy, Food & Meat Processing, Poultry, Livestock & Aquaculture. The Company works in close collaboration with customers and industry, which continues to drive innovation to deliver cost effect solutions and ensure maximal agricultural & industrial productivity. Quat-Chem products are rapidly becoming the brand of choice for businesses and markets around the world and Quat-Chem products are increasingly trusted to deliver value & performance to keep human, industrial, livestock agriculture, and food production environments clean & safe.

Innovative Disinfection Products for Dairy, Poultry & Livestock

What we offer

Quat-Chem's investment in R&D in Chemistry has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of innovative formulated hygiene ranges designed to meet diverse industrial microbial control challenges:
▪ Dairy: Teat dips & hoof dips for the wellbeing of dairy cows and CIP cleaner-sanitisers for the highest level of hygiene in milking parlours & dairy processing plants
▪ Food & Beverage: Circulatory cleaners, food safe detergent-sanitisers, de-scalants, degreasers &
hand hygiene products to help meet stringent food safety standards
▪ Poultry & Livestock: Virucidal disinfectants for infectious disease control in animal housing & hygiene products for hatcheries & abattoirs
Quat-Chem works closely with industry partners in each of its 60+ markets around the world to continuously develop its offering.

What we are looking for

We would like to discuss opportunities for partnership with distribution groups and large end-users for our products around the world.


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    • Aquaculture – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
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