Dairy Equipment

Dairymaster provides hi-tech dairy equipment to progressive farmers throughout the world. The innovative product range encompasses 5 key areas: Milking & Feeding Equipment; Manure Scrapers; Cow Health & Fertility Monitors and Milk Cooling Tanks. The company has carved out a reputation, both nationally & internationally, for being one of the world’s most innovative companies in agriculture which is reflected by numerous awards,e.g.: Eurotier Gold Medal for the Swiftflo Goat Rotary. In contrast to other companies, Dairymaster researches, develops and manufactures in one location. This unique integrated manufacturing model centralises all departments under one roof and is key to our business and culture within the company. With over 70% export to more than 40 countries worldwide (Germany, US, UK,China,Japan,NZ,Russia...) Dairymasters aim is to establish new business partners across the globe. With employees from all over the world, we speak the language required for various export markets

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What we offer

-Most efficient and most gentle milking systems on the market: Swing-Over, Double-Up, Cow & Goat Rotary parlours
-Extremely efficient Swing Over parlours with cow throughput of 250 cows/hour, suitable for most herd sizes
-Rotaries from 28 - 100 units, milking 100 cows every 10 min. with only 1 operator
-Unique Dairymaster design milks each cow one minute faster and delivers 5 % more yield. Gentle way of milking, similar to a calf in nature, results in optimum udder health and better milk out
-Fast installation & easy maintenance
-Automated feeding equipment
-Most accurate cow health and fertility monitor system on the market: the award winning MooMonitor+system
-Scraper solutions
-Cooling equipment
-In-house production, expertise & know-how
-High level of automation & advanced technologies

What we are looking for

-We are interested in strong & progressive business partners in the dairy industry across the globe
-Establish new dealers in existing as well as new markets, such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, America, Russia etc
-Ideally: milking machine dealers with technical know-how who would like to offer their customers the best products available on the market (Dairymaster products)
-Dealers with a technical/mechanical background, who would like to expand their business
-Dealers/Sales men from the refrigerant/cooling business
-Dealers/Sales men from the feeding industry
-AI/Genetic companies for cooperation regarding our award winning MooMonitor+ system
-Sales executives for export markets (mainly Germany, Continental Europe, US)
-Veterinarians & Journalists
-International Marketing


  • EuroTier
    • Feedstuffs and equipment for feed storage and production
    • Cattle – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Software for farm and herd management
    • Milking and cooling technology for process engineering
    • Machinery and equipment for solid and liquid manure and poultry dung


Key Account Manager Central Europe

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