Dairy equipment

Our company manufactures innovative dairy equipment that is designed to solve known problems on dairy farms providing dairy farmers with a financial benefit. Our core product, CoPulsation, significantly reduces mastitis and improves animal welfare and health by properly milking the animals with a full teat length massage action.

Nearly all of our products are patented with many having no competing product on the market. Our company focus is on being a leader in technology development having the benefit of strong engineering talent and decades of experience in working with dairy animals.

Our products are in use on dairy farms large and small around the world. Every second of every day someone somewhere is putting a CoPulsation milking machine on an animal.

Dairy Equipment

What we offer

Innovative dairy equipment. Nearly all of our products are patented and are intended to provide dairy farmers with a financial or performance improvement. We also offer dairy facility consulting services to address the design of milking facilities and resolve installation and design flaws.

We offer the only humane way to milk an animal with a machine.

What we are looking for

We are searching for distributors and dealers to market our innovative products and partners interested in licensing our technology.


  • EuroTier
    • Milking and cooling technology for process engineering



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