Animal Health Product

INTERMAG company manufactures health promoting products for poultry, cattle and swine as well as biostimulants and fertilizers. The company is currently the leading producer of specialty fertilizers in Central and Eastern Europe. We combine crop and animal production sectors and provide therefore comprehensive solutions to our customers, both in professional plant nutrition and biostimulation as well as in preventive animal health care. We offer a wide range of top quality products for animals to be applied with drinking water or with feed.

Health Promoting Products for Animals

What we offer

Working with a team of leading experts in the field of animal nutrition and based on our in-house research facilities achievements, we have introduced into the market a range of health promoting products for livestock. This is the way to combine the crop and animal production sectors, offering our customers comprehensive solutions both in professional
nutrition and biostimulation of plants, as well as in the animal
preventive care.

What we are looking for

Partners/distributors in several geographical areas.


  • EuroTier
    • Cattle – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Pigs – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Poultry – Breeding, Management and feeding technology


Junior Export Specialist

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