Animal-Centric Lighting Systems

ONCE® is a technology company applying innovations in photobiology and optogenetics to the agricultural industry. We focus on bringing the science of light to the world of agriculture by designing highly innovative animal-centric lighting systems. Specifically for poultry, swine and aquaculture markets, our proprietary Dim-to-Red® and Dim-to-Blue® technology is a useful tool to naturally enhance productivity, promote animal welfare and reduce costs. Located in the Unites States of America, the Minnesota company is a privately held corporation founded by Zdenko Grajcar, a “lighting samurai”, as he was labeled by a Chinese sage.

Once, Inc. – An Innovative Lighting Company

What we offer

We offer a variety of products and lighting systems specifically and exclusively for the poultry, swine and aquaculture markets. Our lighting systems are species-specific and establish lighting as a proven input to naturally increase production, enhance animal welfare and reduce costs.

Our proprietary technology demonstrates that artificial LED lighting programs can be a useful tool to modify the environment to influence certain desirable physiological and biological responses. Our lighting systems provide customized light intensity, spectrum and photoperiod control for specific agriculture environments. Resulting in optimized results, naturally.

We offer 8 and 10 Watt LED lighting solutions with either Dim-to-Calm, Dim-to-Red or Dim-to-Blue technology. All products have a Built For Your Barn design, meaning they use techniques and materials that withstand the hard barn environments for years to come.

What we are looking for

ONCE agricultural lamps are used in over 16 countries nationwide, including the world’s largest makers of open community poultry and swine facilities. We’re a Minnesota-based company looking for worldwide distributors, builders and farmers so we can share our highly innovative technology with the remaining 179 countries.


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