Ventilation & Feeding systems

Tuffigo Rapidex is the French leading manufacturer of ventilation and feeding systems in livestock buildings (poultry, swine, rabbits, cattle...)
From design to manufacturing, the company draws on its 45 years' experience and on its strong network of distributors for installation and after-sales service all over the world.
From Russia to Middle-East, Asia to South America, Africa to East-Europe, Tuffigo Rapidex is able to provide tailor-made solutions according to all climatic conditions and different configurations of livestock buildings.
Known for their focus on innovation, the company is leading the industry on the concept of connected farms with unique solutions.

Ventilation & Feeding systems in livestock buildings

What we offer

Complete ventilation systems, controllers & sensors, alarm, lighting, animal weighing, cooling & heating systems, dry feeding systems, liquid feeding systems, silos weighing, silos, connected farming solutions (cloud system).
Solutions for poultry (breeders, broilers, layers), swine, ducks, rabbits and cattle indoor productions.
Ergonomic products with a focus on user friendly solutions, connectivity and fast installation.

What we are looking for

Asia Sales Manager for the company, I am looking for potential importers/distributors/installers in South East Asia, Japan and Korea.
I am also looking to meet and exchange with farmers & integrators in the poultry and swine industry from those countries.
我们讲中国!For the Chinese market I am looking to meet with possible customers or contacts who would have interests in our products and solutions. My Chinese colleague Amy, will be ready to help.
If you come from another region of the world I will gladly put you in contact with my colleagues from our export team (we speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and French).


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    • Poultry – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Software for farm and herd management
    • Animal housing and barn construction
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Asia Sales Manager

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