Innovative formulator and marketer of high-level cleaners and disinfectants within the Animal Husbandry market.


What we offer

Virkon is a world reknown brand of high-power disinfectants used within animal grow-out industry to ensure an adequate control of pathogens and support healthier environment for the animals, be it poultry or swine, fish or shrimp, cattle or companion animals.

We focus on developing impactful chemical solutions that would make the job done in real farm conditions. Temperature, humidity, soil levels, operators skills and impact on animals present are all being taken into account to deliver the most effective solutions that veterinarians and farmers can rely on.

What we are looking for

We'd be interested in novel disinfection technologies, whether chemical-based or not. We will only consider sustainable chemistries. Adjacent products to compliment the disinfection portfolio are also of interest.

If you have an existing product portfolio that would compliment Virkon product line, a technology in development that would fit within our range, or perhaps you know of someone who'd be a perfect match, we'll be happy to talk to you. Get in touch!


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    • Cattle – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Pigs – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Poultry – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Aquaculture – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Software for farm and herd management
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Business Director

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