Barn Equipment

The company FIOLINI srl is an organization committed in supplying its customers with both Steel Structures and Barn Equipment among the best in Europe.
The company is located in the province of Brescia - Northern Italy - a geographical region well known as one of the most densely populated by dairy farms in the world, and thus forced to develop world-class skills that allow it to be competitive on international markets.
The offering of the company FIOLINI srl is mainly composed as below:
- Steel Structures, both for farming and industry;
- Partition Gates;
- Swivelling Gates with Spring
- Water Troughs;
- Boxes for Calves;
- Self-Locking Headrails;
- Cubicles and Freestall Dividers;
- Scrapers


What we offer

We have always given our company a mark strongly characterized by:
- growing expertise and meticulous preparation of the personnel working in the customer service;
- obsessive attention to every detail and the quest for customized solutions suitable for every situation;
- profound respect for any problem related to each customer;
Furthermore, we are convinced that having at heart the complete satisfaction of our customers is our first duty.

What we are looking for

We will be exhibiting some of our items at EuroTier in order to let the interest of our visitors grow for our offering: we are looking for distributors all around the world.


  • EuroTier
    • Animal housing and barn construction


Sales Manager

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