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De Gier Drive Systems provides a complete package of drive systems with motor gearboxes, rack and pinion systems, worm gearboxes and accompanying accessories for ventilation, screening and hoisting systems in agricultural buildings.

Every project is unique! Whether it involves a stable or storage space, we will happily work with you to select the most ideal drive system.

Head office The Netherlands
De Gier Drive Systems
Westlandseweg 9
2291 PG Wateringen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 174 29 20 89
Fax: +31 174 29 56 44

Spanish office
De Gier Sistemas de Tracción S.L.U.
Calle Leonardo Da Vinci, 15
Centro Integral de Mercancias (C.I.M.)
04700 El Ejido, Almería
Tel. +34 950 583023
Fax +34 950 588153

Mexican office
De Gier México SA de CV
Gerente Victor Flores Rodríguez
Jardineros 93-A
Peñuelas, Zona Industrial Peñuelas
76148 Santiago de Querétaro, QRO, Mexico
Tel. +52 442 2462998
Mob +52 442 1578922

Drive systems for ventilation, screening and hoisting

What we offer

Ventilation systems
The air inlet valves are driven by winch drums or TGA racks, which are in turn powered by a GW motor gearbox.
The THG30 rack and pinion system is often used in panel ventilation, for pop-holes in or storage sheds.

Roll systems
There are various roll-up systems. The windbreak, ventilation or blackout cloth is rolled up on a roll tube, which can be powered by GW or GXP motor gearboxes, possibly in combination with telescopic arms.

Hoisting systems
De Gier Drive Systems can provide specific GW motor gearboxes for adjusting the height of feed and drink lines, adjustable platforms, suspended heaters and more. The GW motor gearboxes can be equipped with winch drums.


  • EuroTier
    • Animal housing and barn construction
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