Feed additives, Disinfectants, Fly Control

Artevet is a global force in the animal health industry with efforts ranging from healthcare to technology. Artevet specializes in animal nutrition while constantly innovating and developing solutions to help the community around us.

We take a holistic approach to veterinary well-being with forays into the multiple facets of the industry. We take pride in being able to keep your animals healthy through our quality product offerings and services.

Our artesian sources help us constantly improve, innovate and impart.

International Presence
Artevet’s global operations allow it us to tackle local problems with an international service quality standard. We are proud to empower all our outlets with a harmonized suite of offerings and skill.

Artevet USA - Feed Additives, Water Sanitizers, Fly Control and more.

What we offer

We manufacture our own feed additives, disinfectants, fly control products along with some pharmaceutical applications in the highest quality standards. With sales in over 14 countries, we are equipped to handling your regulatory processes and help with any going-to-market steps. Our quality range of research products accompanied by attractive prices and great benefits make them a fitting choice for farmers world over!

What we are looking for

Distributors in Africa, South America, Europe and Central Asia


  • EuroTier
    • Feedstuffs and equipment for feed storage and production
    • Poultry – Breeding, Management and feeding technology


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