Lighting and Sensors

Optimising precision livestock farming for productivity and welfare. Providing intelligent lighting for Poultry, Pig and Cattle and sensing the environment within the livestock house.

ALIS - Agircultural Inductive Lighting Systems

What we offer

Easy to install energy efficient and flexible lighting solutions specifically designed to be robust and survive within farming environments. Spectrally selected for optimisation of animal welfare and productivity.

Power, control and data infrastructure allowing sensing across the environment.

What we are looking for

Sensor partners.

Livestock housing OEM equipment partners:
Feeders Drinkers
Poultry cages and cage systems

Farms looking to save energy and gather data to improve their productivity and welfare.


  • EuroTier
    • Software for farm and herd management
    • Animal housing and barn construction
  • EnergyDecentral
    • Measuring, control and instrumentation technology


Technical Director

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