Poultry Equipment

Jansen Poultry Equipment was founded in 1986 by Mr A.H. Jansen for development and production of the first automatic laying nests. With his knowledge of technology and poultry, Mr Jansen succeeded in developing the most sought-after laying nest. Today the company offers a wide range of poultry systems and has grown to become a flourishing international company with its headquarters located in the Netherlands. Jansen Poultry Equipment supplies a wide range of products and systems such as:
Automatic nest for broiler and layer breeders
Egg transporting and collecting systems
Aviary systems
Rearing systems
BroMaxx broiler colony system
Manure handling systems.

Complete solutions for breeder, broiler and layer production

What we offer

Jansen Poultry Equipment presents solutions for todays and futures production of hatching eggs, poultry meat and consumption eggs. Innovative solutions designed by poultry specialists and engineers represent better bird performance and optimal results. Besides equipment also poultry management is offered and plays an important role in achieving higher yields.
JPE is specialist in facilitating and managing lucrative poultry production. Choose JPE as your partner and take advantage of knowledge and experience in successful poultry production.

What we are looking for

Poultry farmers who want to achieve the best possible performances out of there breeders, broilers or layers.


  • EuroTier
    • Poultry – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Animal housing and barn construction


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