Functional whey-based components manufacturer

LLC "Primemilk", which is located in the city of Shchuchin, Grodno region, Belarus, was founded in 2012 aiming to offer market innovative products based on milk whey processing that have a wide range of application in the manufacturing in numerous branches of industry.
By combining extensive knowledge and practical experience in food and feed production, we have afforded dynamic and effective development of our new plant.
We are driving constant improvement to make our cooperation more effective and mutually beneficial.

Functional Whey-Based Components

What we offer

"Primemilk" uses modern European equipment to strike a balance between energy efficiency, environmental care and rational utilization of natural resources and allows to produce products in full compliance with rigorous control checks and stringent requirements of international quality control system.
We offer the following products:
- whey powder;
- fat whey concentrate powder.

What we are looking for

We are looking for distributors and retailers all over the world.


  • EuroTier
    • Feedstuffs and equipment for feed storage and production
    • Other


Export Manager

Export Manager

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