Manufacture of Agricultural Equipment

The Reese Group specialise in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of quality agricultural machinery.

We are currently exporting to USA, Ireland, UK, Japan, Uruguay and Australia with 4 branded product groups Reese/UFO, Aitchison and Agrispred.

Reese/UFO specialises in the manufacture of Hay and Silage equipment. The UFO mower is famous with most farmers would have owned and used one at some stage. Tough, functional equipment designed for practicality and low maintenance.

Aitchison Industries specialises in manufacture of seed drills and fertilizer spreaders. The company has introduced many new innovations over the years including the now world famous inverted T-slot booth attached to a tine to create a very effective direct seeding system. The product lineup now includes a comprehensive range of seed drills, Agripsred fertilizer spreaders, cultivators and aerators.


What we offer

Reese Agri is looking for new distributors of our agricultural machinery products to be JV manufactured in Europe or exported fully/partly from New Zealand into Europe.

We are a privately owned and operated Agricultural Manufacturer in New Zealand, a leader in our field with over 40 years’ experience.

We have a strong Research & Development Division that is
constantly working on upgrading products and bringing new products into the market.

What we are looking for

Reese Agri is looking for well reputed distributors or well capitalised entrepreneur’s, who currently operating in the agricultural market and wants to add too or create a new market of Agricultural Machinery.

You will need to have the following requirements:
· Good Financial Standing
· Strong Delivery Network
· Extensive Sales Ability
· Good Reputation in respective Markets
· 5 years’ experience in the same field


  • EuroTier
    • Machinery and equipment for transport, and farmyard and pasture management


Managing Director

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