Feed materials and feed stuffs, oils and lipids in animal nutrition

Yash vegetable oils is mainly into oils and lipids across all animal nutritions. We are located in india, Hong Kong and Malaysia. We have our units in india and Malaysia. We export our products all across the world including usa, canada, turkey, Middle East etc. Our core products are feed fats, rumen Protected fats of all types, fatty acids and medium chain fatty acids, molasses and guar gum etc.

Yash vegetable - oils and lipids in animal nutrition

What we offer

We expertise in oils and lipids mainly for-
They are energy concentrates made naturally from vegetable oils.
1. Rumen Protected fats for dairy cattle
It helps in increase milk yield and fat
2. Fatty acids- used as energy source across all animal
3. Feed fats used in monogastric animals

What we are looking for

We are looking to enter EU with local feed mills or importers who can market our range of products.

Experience should be here in order to approach customers .

Thy should have hold over local mills


  • EuroTier
    • Feedstuffs and equipment for feed storage and production


Business development director

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