Specialist Ruminant and Swine Nutrition

AB Neo specialises in switching on lifetime performance in neonate (baby) farm animals. AB Neo (a division of AB Agri Ltd - UK) is founded on the growing understanding that neonates hold the key to switching on lifetime performance. By focusing on neonatal and maternal stages in farm animals the aim is to develop breakthroughs (Axcelera-P, Axcelera-C, OptiPartum-C) that will give greater commercial advantages to farmers around the world. These advanced products are easy to use and proven to switch on lifetime performance in neonates. Pioneering the new Accelerator category for neonates, AB Neo has created the Axcelera technology for swine and ruminants to offer farmers, feed manufacturers and product distributors significant strategic commercial advantages for growing and developing their own business

High performance specialist feeds for neonates (baby animals) - Ruminants & Swine

What we offer

The world's first accelerator technology for swine and ruminants. Unique high lactose (40%) technology that switches on lifetime performance in swine and ruminants. Offer Axcelera-P to piglets from day 4 until weaning for reduced pre-weaning mortality and accelerated growth from weaning up to slaughter. Offer Axcelera-C to calves to accelerate calf growth and rumen development. Accelerated calves grow faster and farmers are weaning earlier, accelerating growth rates up to weaning and beyond. Reduces nutritional scours and increases dry matter intakes from day 4

What we are looking for

Distributors focusing on specialist ruminant and / or swine market with proven ability of distributing innovative products direct to farm.


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