Swine gentics, breeding pigs and semen

1. Figen Ltd. is located in Finland.
2. Figen Ltd. is the producer of high-performace swine genetics. We sell live breeding pigs and fresh boar semen globally.
3. Figen Ltd. manages a comprehensive breeding program that produces top-health boars and gilts for pork producers globally. Our purebred breeds are Figen Landrace and Figen Large White. Figen Ltd. focuses on producing real added value to the pork production chain through good meat production qualities and high fertility.
Figen Ltd. has been in this business since 1908.

Top-Health Breeding Pigs

What we offer

1. Figen Ltd's main are of expertize is swine genetics.
2. We offer live purebred breeding boars and gilts, fresh boar semen, as well as F1 hybrids and terminal sires.
3. Figen Ltd's breeding animals can be used in any kind of pork production systems. They bring increased efficiency and real economy into pork production.
4. The clear advantages that follow from using Figen's genetics are outstanding meat production perfomance and good fertility, where every extra piglet reaches good slaughter weight.

What we are looking for

Figen Ltd. us looking for customers.
1. Companies that operate in pork production. I.e. breeding farms, genetics companies, AI stations, vertically intergrated meat production companies.
2. We are also interested in potential distribution companies for our swine genetics.


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