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Ata Fen is a manufacturer of veterinary vaccines and operates in livestock business with a wide range of products like; frozen bovine semen, veterinary vaccines and veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed additives and veterinary equipment for more than 25 years. Our experienced veterinarians support our business partners on technical issues and provide trainings and technical assistance.

Ata Fen Veterinary Vaccine Manufacturing Plant have a GMP Certificate and manufactures the following licensed clostridial vaccines; VBR Chauvoei, VBR K99+C, VBR Perfringens 3, VBR Polimix 5, VBR Colimix 7, VBR Colimix 9, VBR Coli Sera+C Antibody and VBR Coli Sera E.coli Antibody.

Ata Fen is the exclusive distributor of World Wide Sires in Turkey. Ata Fen is distributing frozen semen from high quality U.S. proven bulls all around Turkey.

Veterinary vaccine

What we offer

Clostridial vaccines and Antiserum:

COLI SERA+C ANTIBODY - E.coli K99 and Cl.perfringens Type C Combined Antibody

COLI SERA - E.COLI ANTIBODY - E. coli K99 Monovalent Antibody Injectable Hiperimmune Serum

CHAUVOEI - Monovalent Vaccine for Black Leg Disease in Cattle, Goats and Sheep

K99+C - E.coli and Cl.perfringens Type C Bacterin-Toxoid

PERFRINGENS 3 - Trivalent Vaccine for Enterotoxemia in Cattle, Goats and Sheep

POLIMIX 5 - Cl. Novyi- Cl. Chauvoei- Cl. Perfringens Types B, C, D Bacterin-Toxoid

COLIMIX 7 - Combined Cl.novyi Type A – Cl.septicum – Cl.chauvoei – Cl.perfringens Types B, C, D and E.coli Bacterin & Toxoid

COLIMIX 9 - Combined Cl.novyi Type A – Cl.septicum – Cl.sordellii – Cl.chauvoei – Cl.haemolyticum – Cl.perfringens Types B, C, D and E. coli

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