Created from the merger of a group of companies working in complementary sectors, some of which have been present on their market for over 50 years, Groupe Pilardière remains attached to its roots and values of independence.

With a long-standing reputation for the quality of its minerals and supplements, and endowed with a large capacity for innovation, Groupe Pilardière has developed a host of increasingly advanced, innovative and responsible solutions.

Groupe Pilardière is the French, GMP and organic, approved leader in minerals, raw materials and hygiene products for livestock.

Innovative minerals and supplements

What we offer

Pilardière Group is specialised in the production of minerals and supplements for cattle and poultry. We produce several presentations of products such as: granules, micronized powder, pellets, blocks, licking buckets and recently we have launched an innovative form of mineral on European market which is prills.

Our core business is to serve our customers under their own brands for nutrition: “A façon".

What we are looking for

We are looking for business partners in Germany, Benelux and Poland


  • EuroTier
    • Feedstuffs and equipment for feed storage and production
    • Cattle – Breeding, Management and feeding technology


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