Monitoring solutions for dairy cows

smaXtec is the first Inside Monitoring System for continuous monitoring of heat, health status and feed management of your cows.

smaXtec offers the world’s leading system for the measurement of physiological data directly in the cow. The smaXtec System is a unique total solution suitable for herds of all sizes, providing continuous monitoring of activity levels, rumen temperature as well as rumen pH levels and delivering real-time data and alerts.
The strategy of smaXtec is to offer its customers the most useful, fully-integrated system for wireless evaluation, diagnosis and feedback in the dairy farming sector. With the current smaXtec system which integrates the most beneficial and useful parameters for farmers we have set the basis for dairy farms and their needs.
We are primarily selling over sales partners, therefore we are searching for potential partners in different countries to support our global roll out.

smaXtec Basic and Premium

What we offer

With our monitoring solution smaXtec Basic you get all information you need to manage reproduction of your cows. It also enables health monitoring, gives information about water intake and early signs of heat stress.
smaXtec Premium enables you to monitor the key drivers to success in milk production: feeding, reproduction and health. It provides you with all information needed to get most out of your animals.
Our solution is based on ruminal sensors. You are informed on time and you can thus take actions immediately. As soon as there is a significant event or change, you will get a notification on your smartphone including proposed actions.
The main advantage is the bolus positioning inside the rumen – it provides high quality, reliable data without external influences.

What we are looking for

We are looking for both customers and distribution partners in the dairy industry.
Our distribution partners all over the world should have a certain technical affinity and know creative methods of distribution. It is essential to have very close contact to end-users. A smaXtec distribution partner is focused on the customer and knows his needs and upcoming trends. Together, we will provide each customer with an individual solution that suits him best.
Our end-users are modern herd managers who want to have a comprehensive understanding of their animals and who know that it is important to use technical tools in order to be able to focus on the important issues. They do not want to waste time or money on things that can be monitored easily.


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