Our Company is located in Austria, near to the border of Germany.
We are a family-guided company specialized on the development and production of PTO-Generators.
90% our customers are Farmers, but also communities or house owners who are searching an economical way to produce electricity in case of emergency or on Places where no electricity is supplied.
The origin of Schneeberger Generators is a small electrical workshop founded by Josef Schneeberger in the year 1980, since 1991 we construct and manufacture PTO-Generators.

PTO-Generators at it´s best

What we offer

We offer PTO-Generators for any use. We build PTO Generators from 13 kVA up to 160 kVA. We have PTO-Generators for domestic and field use and PTO-Generators only for domestic use. They are used when the electricity grid breaks down, or on places where no electricity is supplied.
Our PTO-generators are very easy to install, because they work without a earth rod. They are easy to use; the displays can be easily seen from the tractor. All of our PTP-Generators monitored be a circuit board which disconnects the electricity from the sockets, so our Generators are very save to use.

What we are looking for

We are looking for retailers to enlarge our dealer network. In regions where we don´t have dealers we deliver direct to our customers.


  • EuroTier
    • Animal housing and barn construction
    • Other
  • EnergyDecentral
    • Biogas and biomethane – production and use
    • Decentralized energy technology
    • Safety engineering
    • Energy distribution and storage
    • Other


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