Animal Nutrition

Balchem is a USA based multinational company with two major core business:
- We are a global leader in choline chloride production
- We have 40 years of expertise in the production of encapsulated products for both food and feed
Founded in 1967, Balchem consists of four business segments: SensoryEffects; Animal Nutrition & Health; Specialty Products; and Industrial Products. Balchem employs over 1000 people worldwide who are engaged in many diverse activities, developing our company into chosen market leadership positions.
In Europe we have an established growing market both for our choline chloride and for our encapsulated products, but we are still looking for proactive companies willing to work as partner with us in the ruminant and monogastric sectors.

Encapsulated products for Ruminants

What we offer

Balchem has his major expertise in encapsulated producs. As follow a short description of our solutions:
ReaShure: Rumen protected choline chloride
AminoShure-M: Rumen protected methionine
AminoShure-L: Rumen proetected Lysine
NiaShure: Rumen protected Niacin
NitroShure: Slow release source of non protein nitrogen
KeyShure: organic trace elements

What we are looking for

We are looking for strong partner willing to work with us in promoting our solution on their local market in EU.
We apply proven science and industry-leading technologies backed by years of success in the feed industry.
We are willing to work in real partnership offering marketing and technical support.


  • EuroTier
    • Cattle – Breeding, Management and feeding technology


EMEA Technical Service Manager

Southern EU Sales Manager

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