Unibio is a leading Danish biotechnology company with core competences within fermentation technologies. Unibio International was incorporated in 2014, and its 100% owned subsidiary company was incorporated in 2001.
In cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) we have developed the U-Loop® fermentation technology that adds new, sustainable protein production methods to the traditional food value chain. The concept is based on converting natural gas (methane) into a highly concentrated protein product, UniProtein®, by bacterial fermentation. UniProtein® can be used as a direct supplement in feed for all animals and fish and can substitute fishmeal.
The ambition of Unibio is to be the world market leader within protein production based on methanotrophic bacteria, partly by own production and partly by licensing the production technology to international investors wishing to establish large-scale production plants of UniProtein® using the surplus gas from oil production.

Unibio - Turning natural gas into food

What we offer

Unibio is a biotech company with core competences within fermentation technologies. The concept underlying Unibio’s technology is simple: natural gas can be converted into a protein product, UniProtein®. UniProtein® is a protein-rich biomass (72.9%) that is approved by the EU and well suited as a feed ingredient for fish, pets and all farm animals. It is a close substitute for high-quality fishmeal, which is an increasingly scarce resource. UniProtein® has a long shelf life, and the production process always results in a uniform product. The only waste product from the production of UniProtein® is clean water. Our bioindustrial innovations make it possible to save energy and water while decoupling protein production from the fluctuating agricultural sector and stressed fishing industries.

What we are looking for

Unibio’s technology is real and proven and represents an incredible investment opportunity. The concept is based on a solid production plant economy with significant market growth, predictable and recurring revenue and maximized risk-adjusted returns.

Unibio is looking for international investors to establish large-scale production plants of UniProtein®.
Unibio offers a licensing model
• Unibio provides technology and service in return for a royalty fee and a licensing fee
• Unibio has no investments in the manufacturing plant

Unibio offers a licensing & co-investment model
• Unibio provides technology and co-invests in a joint venture (also receives a royalty fee and a licensing fee)
• Profit and expenses are shared with the co-investor


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