Equipment for supplementation of livestock, expertise, crop management software

enAgro is a Danish R&I-oriented SME that offers its expertise, services, products and tools to the agro-food sector. enAgro has three main divisions:
- Consultancy and expertise for project preparation, management and implementation related to the agro-food sector. Research and innovation activities of general and public interest is undertaken by enAgro Plc.
- Products for good livestock management; we offer our own developed heated water trough, and mineral feeders for free-choice mineral supplementation of grazing livestock and livestock in free housing systems.
- Tools for crop production management, more specifically the CropManager, which offers online cloud-computing tools for planning, registration and accounting for crop production.

Innovative mineral feeder for dairy cows, mineral feeders for grazing livestock, and CropManager for online crop production management

What we offer

Our new mineral feeder, MicroFeeder Pitstop, is for giving dairy cows an extra offer of mineral supplements in addition to those they get as part of their standardised total mixed ration. Dairy cows’ problem in the critical period is that they cannot eat enough of their feed ration, no matter how super-optimised it is and how good the fodder quality is, but optimal health, production and fertility require access to sufficient amounts of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

MicroFeeder MineralRocker and MicroFeeder BasisFeeder are for grazing cattle, horses and sheep.

Heated Water Trough.

CropManager is an online crop production management software that handles all needs of crop farmers - crop rotation, fertilisation, crop protection and crop economy. It is cheap and simple to use.

What we are looking for

We are especially looking for dealers of our new and just launched MicroFeeder Pitstop feeder. The dealers should have an exiting dealer network among dairy farmers in their country, and sell farm supplies and small equipment.

We also look for dealers outside Scandinavia of our Heated Water Trough.

We have a good dealer network for MineralRocker and BasisFeeder, but miss dealers for some countries.

We are also looking for users of CropManager, such as farm advisers, farm advisory services.


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