Phytofeed is an Israeli company, founded in 1992.
Our core business is anti diarrhea products for young ruminants, mainly calves.
Our main product is Pectolit- world wide known product.
Our products all comply with EU legislation and are manufuctured under GMP+.
We are looking for partners for new markets!

Pectolit- Complementary feed for supporting young ruminants

What we offer

Pectolit 2010 is an anti diarrhea product for young ruminants.
It is a very efficient product for that purpose but it is also a unique product as it also feeds the calf - an advantage unique to Pectolit.
Pectolit supports the calf by supplying water, proteins, fats, glucose, electrolytes, vitamins & minerals.
Young calves, and even sick and weak calves, like to drink Pectolit.
Pectolit is easy to use, safe, economical, and always benefits the retailer.
Pectolit is sold in several countries, mainly in the EU and surrounding countries.

All our products comply with EU registration;
Our products are classified as feeds


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