Water disinfection

Aqua Ecologic is a Belgian manufacturer of chlorine dioxide solutions. We focus on pure high quality products and offer different formules. The application is water disinfection, biofilm removal, CIP's in both agriculture as (food) industry.

Our products are available in RTU (Ready To Use) solutions or by means of an automatic in situ generator. In both applications, we use a sophisticated activator ensuring the purity and stability of our chlorine dioxide solution.

Diox Forte - a stable chlorine dioxide water disinfectant

What we offer

Diox Series (Diox Forte + Diox Pure) are pure and stable chlorine dioxide solutions. Chlorine dioxide is known for its very broad anti-microbial action and excellent ability of eliminating and preventing biofilm.

By using sophisticated activators, we achieve in offering a very pure and stable chlorine dioxide solution thus avoiding by-products as generated with hydrochloric acid activator.

The RTU solution (from 10 to 1000 l packaging) is focussing on small (single or multiple injection point) applications. Larger applications use our automated in situ generator Easydis. The chlorine dioxide generated by our Easydis, has exactly the same specifications as our RTU thus guaranteeing the same purity and stability.

What we are looking for

we are expanding our European distribution network and are looking for preferential partners for some countries.

Our partners benefit from our know-how and support in order to market the Diox Forte in their country in the most satisfactoring way.

If interested in a distributorship, please contact Karel Demyttenaere at karel.demyttenaere@aquaecologic.be


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