Biocom (Milk replacer and feed additive manufacturer)

Biocom Ltd. is a leading company offering new generation products to agricultural markets worldwide.

We carry out direct suppliers to more than 700 enterprises: large animal husbandry complexes, poultry farms, plants of cereal products and dairy plants.

All Biocom products meet international quality and safety standards such as STB ISO 9001(14001,17025,18001, 22000),HACCP, GMP+B2.

Biocom Ltd. provides consulting in the sphere of veterinary and zootechnics. Biocom's consultants help clients to solve industrial problems in feeding, health support and livestock management, adopt optimal solutions and achieve maximal productivity.

The most important work principles of Biocom Ltd. are high quality and absolute products safety, high requirements for level of customer service, innovative production and quick reaction to the requests of agro-industrial industry.

BIOCOM (milk replacer and feed additive)

What we offer

Biocom uses latest technology and modern equipment and offers the following products:
• Calf milk replacers (CMR)
• Skimmed milk powder replacers (SMPR)
• Concentrates for CMR and SMPR production
• Special feed additives
• Biological preservative agents
• Premixes

Detailed information:
Calf milk replacers:
• Biomilk-11 Standard
• Biomilk-16 Standard and Premium
Piglet milk replacer:
• Biomilk-P
Skimmed milk powder replacer:
• Biolak
Dairy Cattle Supplements:
• VitaAnion (Anionic phylactic feed additive for dry cow before calving)
• MegaVit (Cationic phylactic feed additive)
• TurboStart (Protein cationic phylactic feed additive)
• ReeStabil (water-soluble feed additive after calving)
Calf Supplements:
• GranuFeed (Specialized granulated feed concentrate for muesli and texturized feeds production)
• AquaTonic (Electrolyte additive for calves and piglets)
Sanitary absorbent and deo powder:
• Adamant
Mycotoxin neutralizer:
• CleanFeed
Dried fodder silage inoculants:
• LactoGras EF (for legumes, cereal-beans, grasses and oilseeds)
• LactoGras LB (for maize, grain haylage and rolled grain)

What we are looking for

We are looking for distributors and retailers in Asian, South American, African and Middle Eastern markets.


  • EuroTier
    • Feedstuffs and equipment for feed storage and production
    • Cattle – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Pigs – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Poultry – Breeding, Management and feeding technology
    • Other


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