fiberglass laminates in sheets and rolls

Brianza Plastica was founded in 1962 to manufacture fiberglass laminates for the industrial and commercial sectors, and has continued to expand its production, operating mainly in the construction sector. The company has acquired important know-how and expertise over the years, producing laminates with always better characteristics.
Brianza Plastica group consists of three companies (Brianza Plastica, PlastiBat and Brianza Plastica USA Corporation) contributing to the study, realization and supply of very high quality materials and products dedicated to the industrial and civil overlay and insulation sector and to the recreational and motor vehicles one. With four production sites - three of which dedicated to fiberglass and two to insulation products - and logistic and commercial international sites in Italy, France and USA, is one of the point of reference for fiberglass and building market.

GRP roof sheeting

What we offer

Elyplast sheets are continuous lamination products manufactured using polyester resin and fiberglass reinfor-
cement (GFRP). The Elyplast standard version is ortophthalic resin based, carefully selected to have low levels of
styrene, stabilised against UV rays and low shrinkage. Upon request the material can be produced with isophthalic
Kristal and self-extinguishing resins. GFRP is a thermoset product.
Elyplast is a versatile product which is suitable for various uses and extreme conditions, such as roofs and
skylights for industrial and agricultural buildings, greenhouses, porches, curtain walls and DIY.

What we are looking for

stable manufacturers, agro-building manufacturers, agro-materials dealers, ventilation systems for pig stables, building material dealer, fiberglass material dealer
sandwich panel producer.


  • EuroTier
    • Animal housing and barn construction


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